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Our team of professionals has extensive commercial experience in BioPharma and MedTech:

Corporate and Brand Strategy

Using a step wise approach we will help you first consider your overall corporate strategy asking the question where you want to take your company.

Prelaunch & Winning Launch Preparation

The BioPharma landscape is evolving fast with new stakeholders, increasing patient empowerment & consumerism, new players, new technologies.

Patient-Centricity In The Digital Era

We live in a fascinating age – apps and portals that helps us to keep up with our daily routines and platforms that anticipate our needs.

Social Media and Influencer Strategy

The use of social media in healthcare has grown exponentially in the recent years to promote awareness, encourage patient engagement and help users access information quickly.

New Product Planning and Launches

Launch success is more unpredictable than ever before and there is significant competition to be either best-in-class or first to market to optimize value

Empowering The New E- Patient

Most digital transformation initiatives are simply not designed to succeed. They fail on communication and empowerment of people who matter far more than assumed.

Commercial Capability Building

The constantly evolving BioPharma environment requires new ways of working, learning and thinking. Competitiveness is the ability to learn and evolve faster than the competition.

Crisis Communication, Planning & Execution

Learn how to get in front of a crisis with strong and effective communications across all media platforms with immediate assistance and ongoing advice.

Strategic & Competitive Intelligence

Boston Biopharma Consultants’ interpretation of CI is “the interpretation of information of your direct competitive cluster, industry, and ecosystem to aid.

Opportunity Assessment

The context in which your solution competes changes continuously making it paramount to optimize your solution’s positioning regularly.

Data Driven Leadership

As industries become increasingly competitive, companies rely more and more on marketing to attract buyers and prove the value of their spend.

Early Warning Systems

Strategic Early Warning System identifies assumptions, key drivers and scenarios, continually monitors changes in the external environment.

Gain deeper insight in to your opportunities Get more solutions to any problem

Our team of professionals has extensive commercial experience in BioPharma and MedTech:

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