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Boston BioPharma Consultants

Bharat Tewarie, MD, MBA

Founder Boston BioPharma Consultants

Boston BioPharma Consultants provides advisory to executives of BioPharma and medical device companies to drive performance, create value and measurable impact. We cover the commercialization spectrum from corporate & brand strategy, orchestrating winning product & medical device launches, reinventing the patient experience in the digital age, crisis communication, social media & influencer strategy, strategic competitive intelligence to commercial capability building.

Featured In:

Mike Nikitas

Lead Communications and Media Relations

“If you can’t explain it simply, you probably don’t know it well enough.”

Mike Nikitas helps biotech executives to clearly and confidently connect with key stakeholders and the news media. He specializes in Media Training, Remote Communication Skills, Social Media, Presentation Skills, Public Speaking, Crisis Preparation, and Crisis Response.

Meet Stephan

Lead for Product Launch & Marketing

Stephan is a senior pharma /biotech/medical devices consultant and the lead for product Launches and Marketing. He is an accomplished BioPharma executive with a deep expertise in all aspects of marketing, sales and strategic planning to outpace competitors.

He has held during his extensive career, positions with increasing commercial responsibilities across functions and geographies for medium and large size global pharma and biotech companies and startups at Servier, Novartis, Serono, International, Merck Serono , Anecova, Gedeon Richter and Ferring.

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