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Prelaunch & Winning Launch Preparation

The BioPharma landscape is evolving fast with new stakeholders, increasing patient empowerment & consumerism, new players, new technologies and new trendy words requiring a new way of working, new way of learning and especially a new way of thinking. The days of winning in this new market place by relying only on clinical study results, traditional launch methodology, conventional patient experience hubs, standard set of digital tools, existing competencies and a newly written brand plan are long behind us. Winning launches at Boston BioPharma Consultants is about looking at the most important aspects of your launch by focusing on 3 pillars: prepare the product, prepare the market and prepare the company. We are not there to sell a rigid launch process, instead, we adapt to your specific situation and help you identify your top launch priorities across each function. We ask the difficult questions and make sure your launch team stays on track so that eventually the launch team sees the whole organization rooting for their success. After all, product launch opens a new world of possibilities for our patients, so let’s not waste it.

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